4 Mini Yacht Model from Selway Fisher Design sailing on the water

Model Boats With A Purpose

Whilst it is fun just making model boats as miniature representations of the real thing, models are often used to check out what will or may happen when the full-size boat is built.

Such models are used to check out the ergonomics (interface between man and the boat – ie. how does the human fit with the boat (seat heights, headroom etc), launching requirements, the aesthetics (how will the real boat actually look in real life), construction details etc etc.

Here are some example s, all of them modelled on Selway Fisher Designs except Amoress which is a Peter Norlin design which Paul worked on when he worked in the McGruer design office and the galleon :

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Model Boat Building Manual

Model Boat Building in Wood manual from Selway Fisher Design

UK: £21 Inc p&p
US: $40.00 Inc Airmail

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