Ordering The Manual And Plans

4 Mini Yacht Model from Selway Fisher Design sailing on the water

How To Order

There are several ways in which you can place an order with us - these are separated into two main methods

Directly with your credit/debit card whilst you are on-line - we have added an Ordering Cart system which allows you to add the plans etc you wish to order to the Cart before going to the secure area to place your order. You will find a "Buy Plan Now" button under the description of each item. Please Note - for the moment, the On-Line Ordering Cart does not add the cost of Postage (Shipping) to your order - however postage & packing charges will be added - for a note of these P&P charges please see below. All card transactions are in Sterling.

Postage Rates

Item UK Airmail Europe Airmail US/Elsewhere
Model Plans £2.00 £3.00 £4.00
Manual £3.00 £5.00 £7.00

By Post, Fax, E-mail or Phone - go to the Contact Details page (link at the top of this page) for postal/phone and e-mail contact details.

Note that there are 2 "Buy Plan Now" buttons for each set of plans - one for UK/EU customers which includes VAT and one for USA/Elsewhere customers which excludes VAT. Catalogues and Manuals do not incur VAT for UK/EU customers and these items therefore only have one "Buy Now Button".

The US Dollar prices given in the price lists are estimated at an exchange rate of 1.6 USD = £1 Sterling and therefore our US clients may find the amount charged on their card statements will vary (up or down) from the US price given, if the exchange rate at the time is different.


PayPal is an increasingly popular way to pay for purchases on-line. For those who want to pay using their PayPal account, Selway Fisher Design/Makeacanoe/Makeamodelboat now has it's own PayPal account which you can pay into.

Unfortunately, due to the complexities of setting up an efficient system of paying for postage and packing with PayPal which does not over-charge the customer for multiple purchases, we have not been able to use PayPal's simple buy-now set-up.

This means that to use your PayPal account you simply need to transfer the total amount of your order including Postage & Packing into our PayPal account using the PayPal transfer system on your account.

To pay using your PayPal account

1. Calculate the total amount of your order including P &P (see the Postage table below) - or contact us (either ring +44 1225 705074 or e-mail us at paul@selway-fisher.com) when we can confirm the total cost for you and give you our PayPal account paying-in details.

2. Go to your PayPal account and transfer the amount to our Paypal account at orders@selway-fisher.com

3. E-mail us at paul@selway-fisher.com telling us that you have made the transfer and giving us the order details plus the address to send the order to.

Model Boat Building Manual

Model Boat Building in Wood manual from Selway Fisher Design

UK: £21 Inc p&p
US: $40.00 Inc Airmail

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